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About ME: Danielle Savory

I started Savory Seduction because my wish is that every woman could feel free and happy in being exactly who she is. To see her own beauty, to allow all the range of her emotions, to know how to giveherself the kind of love and attention she gives others, and to not be bullied by the inner-self-criticizing a-hole. My mission is to help women find the courage and provide them with the guidance to do this. 


I believe that through taking a closer look at our sexuality and intimacy many personal battles that ripple through all aspects of our lives show up. Our insecurities, our resistances, our compassion for ourselves and others, our ability to seek out pleasure and then receive it, boundaries, focus, you name it! All there in the bedroom.


Going after what you want, communicating what you want, and making pleasure and joy in your life a priority is the most empowering gift you can give yourself and believe me, it is a much more fun and fulfilling way to live! Every woman has the potential to experience extreme pleasure, wholeness, and happiness. I help women see this potential and realize it through classes, events, workshops, and coaching.


I am a certified Life Coach by Dr. Martha Beck, certified yoga teacher, as well as trained in meditation, mindful self-compassion and mind-body coaching. My biology and neuroscience education complement these ancient and modern teachings and allow me to bridge the gap between science and the ‘woo-woo’. My approach is matter-of-fact, personable and humorous sprinkled with a sh*t load of love.