Introducing a Free Training:

Get Out Of Your Head And Into Your Vagina.

A Mindful Approach To Experiencing Outrageous Pleasure


how to disengage from your mental chatter and reconnect with your body's innate ability to experience extreme pleasure.


i will also share with you why the practice of pleasure (specifically sexual pleasure)is the key to STEPPING into your power, becoming more self-compassionate, and living a happy and inspired life. 



This Free webinar is for you if:

  • You find your mind wandering all over the place during sex or self-pleasuring.  From thinking about that important meeting, worrying about what your body looks like, hanging out with your friends from your latest Netflix fix, whatever, but not on the sex you are actually HAVING!
  • Oh baby you’ve lost that loving feeling! Most of the time you feel like you don’t even want it anymore. Sometimes maybe you get in the mood, but it isn’t on the forefront of your mind. You don’t desire it like you once did. As if this isn’t bad enough now you are starting to wonder what this means about you . . . Is there something wrong with me? Is there something wrong with my relationship? Will it always be like this?

  • When you are having sex it feels like ground hog’s day; same day, same time, same position, same moan sequence, same same same. And maybe you are climaxing, but it is like this expected climax, oh yah I know how to get myself there so I will just do that again.

  • And maybe some of you are having decent sex and can take your self to pleasure town once in awhile, but you know there is more out there, feel like there is more magic to be made in the bedroom and in your life